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  • 2014 Wreathe Sale - News and Forms
    Hello Troop 341,

    As some of you may know, I am the scout in charge of the wreath sale this year. Our wreath sale begins this year on October 27th, which is coming up quick!

    While we prefer that scouts sell wreaths, this year we are offering a buyout option (paying money equivalent to that which would be made selling wreaths), and the check for that needs to be submitted to Mrs. Petrison by October 20th (the Court of Honor), made out to Troop 341. The specifics about the buyout option are included below in the letter attached.

    Scouts-pinecones! I made an announcement a while back to keep your eye out for pinecones laying around and with the wreath sale approaching now is the time to begin bringing them in to troop meetings! Each scout is expected to collect around 20-30 pinecones.

    I will be making an announcement regarding the wreath sale at the Court of Honor on October 20th, but please take a look at the attached wreath sale letter- it is important!!! Also included is the slate of blank wreath sale receipts; be sure to print them out if you plan on selling wreaths. Contact information for both Mrs. Petrison and I is included in the letter attached and this information will be soon put up on the website.

    Thank you and happy pinecone gathering!

    -Luke Gonzales, Troop 341
    Posted Oct 16, 2014, 3:08 AM by Bsa Troop341
  • End of Tree Sale Breakdown!!
    The end of the tree sale is near! We have less than 30 trees left to sell which means...breakdown is almost here!

    Breakdown dates and times are listed below. If you are in town you and a parent are expected to be there to help.

    Sunday 12/22 4:00 pm at tree site. Breakdown of site and loading into the truck. Mandatory attendance

    **we also need some people with trucks to take away the extra boughs and greens**

    Monday 12/23 10: 00 am at Sentry Safe to unload the truck. Please go to 900 Linden Avenue, Rochester, 14625 and turn into the Sentry entrance near the brown sculpture that looks like a cracked egg. Drive all the way around to the back of the building, loop to the left and at the corner of the building, look for a big garage door. We will meet there and unload. If we have a good turnout, we should be done in an hour or less! Mandatory attendance for scouts and parents are expected to stay and help too!

    Thanks to everyone for their hard work this year
    Posted Dec 20, 2013, 11:27 AM by Bsa Troop341
  • Tree Sale Shift Schedule
    If the scout or parent cannot attend the shift to which they have been assigned, it is up to the scout to arrange a substitute and inform their shift leader - and Spencer Kull. If necessary, the boys may trade shifts, however, shift leaders may only trade shifts with other shift leaders. IF A SCOUT DOES NOT SHOW UP FOR HIS SHIFT, PLEASE TRY TO CONTACT HIM THROUGH THE TROOP ROSTER (in the binder) BEFORE CONTACTING Spencer Kull.

    Open Spreadsheet to Print

    Posted Oct 29, 2014, 3:18 PM by Bsa Troop341
  • Tree Sale 2013 Important Dates


    -Everyone who has not been to a tree sale must attend the meeting on November 18th.

    -Everyone must attend the setup on the 24th of November from noon to four.

    -All must go to the tree delivery on the 27th of November at two.

    -The starting date for the tree sale is on November 29th.

    Posted Nov 14, 2013, 7:51 AM by Bsa Troop341
  • Tree Sale Important Dates
    *** The annual Tree Sale will be starting on November 29th. Our location is the same as last year: across from the Cheesecake Factory in Pittsford Plaza.

    *** If you have never taken part in our annual tree sale, please attend the meeting on November 18th after our scout meeting.

    *** The tree sale setup will be on November 24th from noon to 4pm. All scouts must attend.

    *** The trees for the sale will be delivered on November 27th at 2pm. All scouts must attend this as well.
    Posted Nov 8, 2013, 11:51 AM by Bsa Troop341
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