First order of business:
If anyone has information on what dates you all cannot attend during the tree sale time-span, then please email me at-sekull00@gmail.com
These need to be in to me by November 9th which is a Monday Meeting.
If these are not in to me by that date, then it is on your own time to switch around shifts and contact me about the switch.
The shift schedule is attached below.

On November 19th we will be loading the semi-truck full of our tree sale building supplies.
Please meet at Sentry Safe around 3:15 or 3:30.
The address is 900 Linden Ave, Rochester, NY 14625
Should take about 30 mins.
This truck will be dropped off at the parking lot in Pittsford Plaza for us to empty.

The setup for the tree stand will be the Sunday before Thanksgiving which is on the 22nd of November.
It will start at 1pm.
Please be prepared with work gloves and work boots.
It would also be much appreciated for those of you all that have power tools, please bring them to the setup.
It will take a good chunk of time of about 3 to 4 hours to complete the job.

The unloading of the trees will be on WEDNESDAY,  November 25th at 1pm.
We will need as many hands that we can get on this project.
Please bring the proper gear for this especially because there will be sap and loose pine needles on the trees, so it is important that a Scout stays clean!
There will be a second unloading process on Thursday, December 10th.
Currently scheduled for  3:30, so be there at 3 or 3:15.
This may be rescheduled due to weather hazards, so be prepared for another email blast about this.