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Tree Sale News

posted Oct 24, 2017, 8:33 PM by Bsa Troop341   [ updated Nov 20, 2017, 6:06 PM ]
The Tree Sale schedule can be found at Tree Sale News

If the scout or parent cannot attend the shift to which they have been assigned, it is up to the scout to arrange a substitute and inform their shift leader and Drew Kull(709-4959). If necessary, the boys may trade shifts, however, shift leaders may only trade shifts with other shift leaders. IF A SCOUT DOES NOT SHOW UP FOR HIS SHIFT, PLEASE TRY TO CONTACT HIM THROUGH THE TROOP ROSTER (in the binder) BEFORE CONTACTING Drew Kull(585-383-9164)

Tree Sale Prep and Loading of Supplies
It all starts Thursday November 16th 
At 4pm we load the tractor trailer, as a troop, at 650 Mile Crossing Boulevard/ Precision Door Service- back of the building. 

Tree Sale Setup

Date Sunday November 19 

Time: noonish - more details to come

Where: Pittsford Plaza:  Adjacent to the Cheese Cake Factory. 

What is needed : Adults are needed also power drills with Phillips head drill bits and duck tape. 

Remember to bring gloves and warm clothing. This could take between 4 and 5 hours. T

Call Drew Kull, 585-709-4959 with any questions

Tree Delivery

 Wednesday November 22

There is no school that day.

Time noonish. Will have a better idea of what time it will start when the date draws closer.

Selling of the Trees 

starts on  November 24, Black Friday

Drew Kull is Scout in charge


Bsa Troop341,
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Bsa Troop341,
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