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National Jamboree - Recap and Summary

posted Aug 19, 2013, 5:52 AM by Bsa Troop341   [ updated Aug 19, 2013, 5:56 AM ]

A number of scouts in our troop had the great experience of attending the National Jamboree over the summer. Unlike the last Jamboree in 2010, this one was held at a new location called the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve and the Jamboree was the first event ever to use this new location. The Summit site is over 10,000 square acres that holds many different activity centers for scouts to use throughout the day. Some of the activity centers include The Trax, where the BMX courses were located, The Park for skateboarding, The Cloud, where the Technology Quest that had exhibits focused on new technologies and innovations was located, The Pools for swimming and SCUBA diving, The Barrels and The Bows for a variety of shooting sports like archery, rifle shooting, and shotgun shooting, The Ropes had numerous challenge courses while being hoisted up 25 feet above the air including zip lines, balance beams, and cargo nets, The Low Gear and The High Gear tracks had about 50 miles combined of mountain biking trails, The Rocks had multiple climbing wall for scouts of all skill levels to enjoy, The Canopy, where scouts could go on a series of zip lines from platform to platform without touching the ground, and The Zip which is the Summit’s longest zip line being over 3,000 feet long with scouts reaching speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. All of these activity centers are build around the Summit Center, which acts as a mini-jamboree for visitors to experience. It has a few samples of the activities offered at the activity centers, has tents set up for a few merit badges, areas to learn about the area surrounding the Summit, and a large trading post. Another large portion of the Summit Center is the entertainment side of things. The AT&T Summit Stadium was the giant arena set up for two stadium shows held throughout the week. When not being used for the stadium show, there was a wide variety of music being played throughout the day for scouts and visitors to enjoy. The first stadium show was held on the 16th which showcased a welcoming to the Summit featuring Taylor Made as the musical act, and the second being on the 20th which had special guest speaker Mike Rowe and Three Doors Down as the entertainment for the show. Overall, the 2013 National Jamboree was an amazing experience and I know if you ask anyone from our troop who went (Myself, Nathaniel Topham, Ian Marin, Ryan Marin, Spencer Kull, Jack Hart, Spencer Kennedy, Erik Gross, Tim Kallman, and Alex Taffe), they would be happy to tell you the same.

by Zach Burdett, Troop Scribe and Webmaster