2014 Sea Base

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Brief Desc:

Troop 341 SEA BASE 2014, Sea Exploring, Crew #SETH071014A

Start Date and Time:

Thursday, 07/10/14   

End Date and Time:

Thursday, 07/17/14 – We will then go to Camp Sawyer – camp out open to the troop from 07/17/14 – 07/20/14. Return on 7/20/14. See itinerary below.

Departure & Return Location:

Rochester International Airport

Scout Leader


Adult Advisor

Mr. Woodward, Mr. Hart

Permission slip

Form Attached DUE BY 5/1/14 to Mr. Woodward

Cost per scout

Seabase $770

Airfare $363.38, extra bag fee TBD (we will be trying to combine to minimize extra bags)

Vehicle Travel Expenses Miami Airport-Seabase and back: TBD

Crew Shirts: TBD

Spending money: To be discussed at last planning meeting

Sign Up Deadline:


Late fee:


General Overview


Related Merit Badges

Sailing, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, Lifesaving, First Aid, others

Requirements and Eligibility


Participant requirement checklist is on the trip roster. Please review to be sure you have all the necessary paperwork by the dates required.  Roster will not be posted on-line, but will be sent out periodically and is available by request.


Please review eligibility requirements and be sure you are not in violation:



Seabase Health Form - Form Attached DUE NOW to Mr. Woodward. If you haven’t handed it in, you NEED to ASAP.

Complete health forms sections A-D with copy of insurance card (front and back).

Please see participant guide (pg. 12) or website in regards to sleep apnea if applicable.


Food / Dietary restrictions - Form attached DUE NOW to Mr. Woodward. If you haven’t handed it in, you NEED to ASAP.

Seabase does not have an official form for this, so we are using the attached.

Map to the event

General Location of Seabase:



Seabase contact info: Our Crew #SETH071014A



Driving Directions from Miami International Airport: TBD


Trail map(s) of the event location

Our trail will be the Florida Keys in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.  Please pay close attention to all trail markers-lest ye end up in Davy Jones locker!


Suggested Packing List

Delta carry-on bag requirements.  Please be sure to conform to these criteria so that we are not delayed:



IMPORTANT NOTE: Pocket or camping knives/tools can NOT go in carry-on bag, if you forget and leave it in your bag, it is too late to put it with the checked bags.  It will be confiscated and we will be delayed.  See FAA Regulations on what can/cannot be in your carry-on bag.



Seabase “What to Bring” see page 34 of participant guide and:


Videos of Seabase and a packing demonstration.  This is not our adventure, but packing will be similar:


Schedule of Events

Updated 6/08/14

Thursday, 7/10/14
5:00am Meet Rochester International Airport- Wear Class A Uniform

6:30am Delta Flight 6250 (GoJetAirlines) to Detroit, arrive 7:53am …very tight layover.  We must go directly to our next gate.

8:30am Delta flight 1829 to Miami, arrive 11:30am

Upon arrival in Miami, we will gather our checked bags and acquire ground transportation.  We will be stopping for lunch at some point.  Everyone will need to  have money available to buy lunch. 

3:00pm (approximately) Arrive at Seabase, check in, orientation, swim test.

6:00pm Dinner provided by Seabase

Friday, 7/11/14- Wednesday, 7/16/14 AT SEA.

We will have one day shore leave in Key West. Generally mid-week, TBD.  Spending money for attractions, shopping and dinner will be needed.

Last night at Seabase we have a Luau.  Hawaiian/tropical shirt recommended.

Thursday, 7/17/14

Time TBD, leave Seabase before 11am- Camp Sawyer http://www.campsawyer.org/aboutcampsawyer.html

Arrive at Camp Sawyer early afternoon

Set up Camp and general activities

Friday 7/18 & Saturday 7/19

One of these days will be spent in Key West, money will be needed for spending and dinner. Which day we go is weather and Crew dependent

Rest of the time at Camp Sawyer we will be swimming,  kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling, exploring, etc.

Sunday, 7/20/14

Time TBD-Leave Camp Sawyer for Miami Airport-Wear Class A Uniform

2:00pm Arrive at Miami Airport

3:50pm Delta Flight 2637 to Detroit, arrive 7:03pm

9:45pm Delta Flight 6249 (GoJetAirlines) to Rochester, arrive 11:00pm

Everyone should plan on having money for lunch and dinner on departure day.

Suggestions and specific details:

Everything you need to know about Seabase is in the participant guidebook provided to all and at the webstie: http://www.bsaseabase.org/


Outing Checklist:  Review roster to be sure you have everything done that you need to have done.





Gregory Krapf,
Feb 27, 2014, 7:11 PM
Gregory Krapf,
Feb 27, 2014, 7:11 PM
Gregory Krapf,
Feb 27, 2014, 7:11 PM