2016 Tougher than a Boyscout Challenge

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Brief Description:

Tougher than a BoyScout Challenge at Babcock Hovey Scout Camp

Start Date and Time:

Friday  04-22-16 07:00 pm 

End Date and Time:

Sunday 04-24-16 10:00am

Departure & Return Location:

Park and Ride at Bushnells Basin

Scout Leader

Anthony Nelk

Adult Advisor

Mr Nelk  585-737-6671 & ranelk@frontiernet.net

Permission slip

Download the standard permission slip form from our website forms page.  Customize as necessary for the event and e-mail it back to the webmaster. Preferred format is Microsoft word or PDF format.

Cost per scout

This will be calculated by using the standard Event Planning Spreadsheet available on the troop website.

Sign Up Deadline:

A check made out to Troop 341 and the permission slip above must be retuned to the scout leader or adult advisor by 04-15-16

Late fee:

If a scout wishes to attend a troop event after the registration date has past they must first contact the Scout Leader to see if there is any space available to attend. If there is a minimum 50% late penalty may be paid to attend the event. Depending on the event and any specific costs related to having the event an additional flat fee may be added onto the standard 50% penalty fee.

General Overview

What is the Tougher Than A Boy Scout Challenge Weekend?

This is a patrol competition based weekend where patrols compete against patrol for points and awards.  This event is structured similar to the television show of the same name.  Patrols will be given a map with a destination marked which contains their ‘next challenge’.  The patrol must work together to locate that challenge location, then work together to successfully complete the challenged.  Once the challenge is completed, their next challenge is identified on the map.  Patrols are scored on how successfully the completed the challenge and time.  The patrol with the ‘most’ points wins the competition.


Friday Arrival at  Babcock Hovey Setup Tent site

Saturday morning meeting and setup events.

Saturday late morning through afternoon participate in challenges

Related Merit Badges


Rank Requirements


Second Class

First Class

Map to the event


Trail map(s) of the event location


Suggested Packing List

Refer to one of the standard ones already on the website’s forms page or start with one of them and customize as appropriate for the event. Email it as a separate attachment to the webmaster when submitting this filled in form.


This is the place to mention the need for any special gear like Snow Shoes, Fishing gear, GPSs etc.

Schedule of Events

8:00pm Arrive
9:00pm Cracker Barrel
10:00pm Lights Out
6:00am Reveille
6:30am Breakfast
7:00am Cleanup
7:30am Setup Challenges

10:00am Start Challenges

6:00am Reveille
6:30am Breakfast
7:00am Cleanup

Suggestions and specific details:

Include any as appropriate.

Bitmaps & Graphics

Optional. Please include small jpegs as appropriate