2016 Memorial Day Parade

All scouts of Troop 341 will be marching to thank the brave men and women who commit their lives 24/7 to keep this country free.  I am sure you can commit a little of your time on Monday morning…right?


·        We will be meeting at Sutherland High School by 9:30AM.  The parade starts promptly at 10:00 AM so don’t be late.

·        Drop off is in the SHS bus loop.  Limited parking is available at the school or Spiegel Center

·        We will be marching to the Pittsford Cemetery.  All are welcome to stay for the ceremony.

·        If you are not staying for the ceremony a parent must pick up at the cemetery – scouts will not be allowed to leave without a parent.

·        If someone other than a parent is picking up, we must know this ahead of time or the scout is not leaving. 

·        Full class A uniform only.  Dark green or khaki shorts (or pants) only – no basketball or quick-dry shorts.  Socks are a must.  Comfortable shoes.  Shirts tucked in.  BSA hats only.  We are representing BSA and should look respectful.

·        Also looking for ASM’s to walk.  Class A’s only.

·        Bring your patrol flags if they are ready to go.

·        Keep any horseplay out of the parade.

·        I will be looking for the older scouts who are leaving us this year to lead us with the flags.

·        Parents who will be watching along the parade route, please take pictures so we can put them on our website.