2015 - Switzerland

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Brief Description:

BSA Troop 341 Switzerland Trip 2015, CH2015, hut to hut and exploring


Start Date and Time:

July 14, 2015     

End Date and Time:

July 25, 2015

Departure & Return Location:

Toronto International Airport 9:05 pm

Toronto International Airport 5:00 pm

Scout Leader

Case Woodward

Adult Advisor

Dr. Krapf  585-329-6725 Mr. Woodward 585-733-3972

Permission slip


1. See attached Troop 341 permission form
2. Permission form to leave country TBD this will need to be notarized and signed by both parents

Cost per scout


Sign Up Deadline:


Late fee:


General Overview

We will be flying into Switzerland visiting towns like Grindlewald, and Stechelberg, then hiking from hut to hut in the Swiss Alps. We will then travel to Kandersteg International scout center(KISC) for the remaining days. Along the way we will do activites like canyoning and klettersteig. At KISC there will be opportunities for more adventures and opportunities to meet scouts from all over the world.

http://www.kisc.ch/programme/summer/ (all activities at KISC and more info)

Related Merit Badges

 Hiking, Camping

Rank Requirements

First Class

Shakedown Events    

March 22- Mendon Ponds Park 1:00pm 5mile hike location TBD- planner Casey W.

April 12-TBD-planner TBD

May 3-TBD-planner TBD

May 31-TBD-planner TBD

Trail map(s) of the event location

Switzerland Map

Suggested Packing List

Link to CH 2015 Packing List

Alps Trekking equipment list: http://youtu.be/0VIY4gGFQ50

Detailed Itinerary

Tuesday, July 14

Carry-on Bag info:

Plans to get to Toronto International Airport TBD

Meet in Toronto International Airport by TBD

9:05pm Icelandair Flugleidir Flight 602 from Toronto to Reykjavik, Iceland

Bring own money for food

Wednesday, July 15

Breakfast and lunch en route- bring own money

6:20am Arrive Reykjavik, Iceland

7:20am Icelandair Flugleidir Flight 568 from Reykjavik, Iceland to Zurich, Switzerland

1pm Arrive Zurich, Switzerland

14:40 (2:40pm) Take train from Zurich to Grindlewald

Stay in Youth Hostel
Jugendenherge Grindelwald
Geissstutzstrasse 12
3818 Grindelwald, Switzerland
+41 33 853 10 09 (phone)
grindelwald@youthhostel.ch (email)
http://www.youthhostel.ch/de/hostels/grindelwald (website)

Dinner provided at youth hostel

Thursday, July 16

Breakfast provided at youth hostel

08:17 Grindlewald- Jungfraujoch by train
12:00 Train back to Eigergletscher, begin hike on the Eiger trail

15:00 early Dinner-Berghaus Alpiglen

Stay in Youth Hostel (same)

Friday, July 17

Breakfast provided at youth hostel

07:19 train from Grindelwald to Interlaken for Canyoning

08:00 - 13:00 Canyoning, lunch included in Canyoning
Stay in Youth Hostel(same)

Dinner in Grindelwald- $ is covered

Saturday, July 18

Breakfast provided at youth hostel

Hike/Train to Stechelberg- Klettersteig on the way

Lunch- need money to buy food

Stay in Mountain hotel in Stechelberg

Dinner- Cook at Alpenhoff Mountain Hotel

The Alpenhof
3824 Stechelberg
+41 (0)33 855 12 02 (phone)
alpenhof@stechelberg.ch (email)
http://www.alpenhof-stechelberg.ch/pages/en/home.html (website)

Sunday, July 19

Breakfast-provided at mountain hotel

  • Scout Group #1 to go on a hike
  • Scout Group #2 Klettersteig
  • Adult Group Klettersteig
Lunch- Need money to buy food

Dinner-provided at Mountain Hotel

Monday, July 20

Breakfast- Alpenhof provided

Lunch- need to buy food- will be budgeted in

Mountain Huts- dinner provided

Adults- Rotstockhuette

Scouts- Gspaltenhornhuette

Tuesday, July 21

Mountain Huts- breakfast and dinner provided
Lunch- lunch on trail- food will be budgeted
Adults- Gspaltenhornhuette (see above for contact info)

Scouts- Blumlisalphuette

Wednesday, July 22

Mountain Huts-Breakfast and Dinner provided
Lunch on trail- food will be budgeted
Adults- Blumlisalphuette (see above for contact info)

Scouts- Fruendenhuette

Thursday, July 23

Hike from mountain huts to KISC

Kandersteg International Scout Centre (KISC)
Wagetiweg 7
CH - 3718 Kandersteg
Tel. +41 33 675 82 82
Fax. +41 33 675 82 89
E-Mail: reception@kisc.ch

Breakfast provided at Mountain Huts

Lunch on trail- money will be budgeted

KISC- separate activities/exploring

Stay at KISC

Dinner provided at KISC

Friday, July 24

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner all provided at KISC

AM - Group doing Klettersteig/Paragliding Pre-registration required

Plan is to meet the guides in the morning, climb up the Klettersteig and then meet the paragliders at 10:30 am and paraglide back down into town. If you don't want to
paraglide, you can take the lift down, hike down (2.5 hours) or continue on for a full day hike experience.

Others: Winteregg Climbing course

PM KISC-separate activites/exploring

Saturday, July 25

07:13 Train from KISC to Zurich Airport
14:00 Icelandair Flugleidir, Flight 569 Zurich, Switzerland to Reykjavik, Iceland, Arrive 3:50pm

5pm Icelandair Flugleidir Flight 603 Reykjavik, Iceland to Toronto, Arrive 6:55pm Terminal 3 Need money for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Gregory Krapf,
Jun 27, 2015, 1:43 PM
Gregory Krapf,
Jun 27, 2015, 1:41 PM