2014 Finger Lakes Trail Backpacking - Nov. 7-9, 2014

Backpacking Trip in the Finger Lakes

November 7th-9th

Scout Leaders: Kevin Buggie and Erik Gross

Adult Advisor: Dave Gross

 General Itinerary:

 1.     Friday November 7th, drive down an hour and 15 minutes to starting parking lot (Prattsburg-Pulteney Poad)

2.     Friday November 7th, drive 30 minutes to the end parking lots to drop off cars (North Urbana Hill Road)

3.     Friday November 7th, hike 3.5 miles to Evangiline Lean-to and camp there the 1st night

4.     Saturday November 8th, hike 4 miles to Hickory Hill Lean-to and camp there the 2nd night

5.     Sunday November 9th, hike 5.5 miles to the end parking lot (North Urbana Hill Road)

6.     Sunday November 9th, drive an hour and 30 minutes back to Pittsford, NY

Here are the maps and directions: