Lost Gear Replacement Policy

In the April 2012 Troop Committee meeting the members voted to approve the following policy.

If a scout loses a piece of troop equipment that they have checked out from the troop quartermaster room for an outing they are expected to reimburse the troop for the full replacement cost if the piece of equipment is less than one year old. For equipment more than one year old the scout is responsible for paying 50% of the replacement cost.

The troop adult quartermaster adviser will inform the scout and their parents via e-mail when a piece of equipment is deemed lost and the associated replacement cost. Scouts are expected to pay by a check made out to "BSA Troop 341" within two weeks of being notified of the replacement cost and percentage due to the troop.

Note this policy is to encourage scouts to be responsible with all of the gear that they are borrowing from the troop. In addition this should encourage all members of a patrol who attend an outing to check out the various pieces of gear that their patrol may use vs. just having the patrol leader or some single individual check out all of the gear used by an entire patrol

"If you check it out, you're responsible for checking it in, no matter whose car it goes home in after the outing."

Note: This policy does NOT apply to broken equipment as long as the scout returns the broken pieces to the adult quarter master.