Camping Equipment Suggestions

posted Apr 19, 2014, 9:09 PM by Bsa Troop341   [ updated Apr 19, 2014, 9:10 PM ]
Dear New Scout Parents,

During the month of April, the Troop guides will be going over proper equipment and weekend checklists with your sons.  Before our first camp-out, there will be a pack inspection.  Even if you son will not be participating in the camp out, we want to ensure that your scouts are well-prepared for camping, plus this is one of their advancement requirements.

Please do not worry if you don't have everything, and don't kill yourselves trying to get it all done.  This is a learning experience and the idea is for the boys to learn what they are missing on Monday so that they can start to develop their standard packing "kit". This list should also prove quite helpful as you prepare for Massawepie.

I wanted to give you a few pointers on equipment based on my experience. Sorry for the delay in getting this out to you but hopefully better late than never.

You son will eventually want/need a backpack but for now any durable sport bag, zippered duffle bag, etc. will work quite well.

  1. For sleeping bag, the best bet is a 15-20 degree mummy style bag.  They pack much better than a rectangular bag and 15 or 20 degree is plenty warm enough (even for winter when coupled with a blanket).
  2. Sleeping pad – recommended but not absolutely necessary. Most practical is the thermarest Z-lite but any decent pad will do.
  3. Emergency blanket - either the mylar film emergency blankets (EMS) or the thicker "Sportsmans Blanket". I carry the mylar for emergencies and use the sportsman's (or a piece of plastic) as a ground cloth for sleeping on.
  4. Rain gear - this is an important item.  My son Timo has done really well with and likes his LL Bean trail model rain coat . The trail model rain pants are also quite good.
  5. For hiking boots, Timo's had good luck at LL Bean as well.  The Waterproof Trail Hikers  are a good boot but any decent hiking style boot will do.
  6. In camp, we NEVER use open toe shoes, flip-flops, etc. Closed sandals like crocs, Keens, etc. and old sneakers are great around camp.
  7. Headlamp or flashlight with extra batteries.  A headlamp is MUCH better but flashlights have worked for many, many years.
  8. A fifty foot section of parachute cord (any camping store) is always very handy.
  9. Compass - an orienteering style compass is what your son needs.  Here are few links for Campmor and Dicks.  Please get a compass that looks like this with the clear base plate.
  10. Non-cotton clothing.  Sports tee-shirts work well. Fleece is excellent.  Warm-up pants.

Please have your son contact their troop guides if they have any questions about gear and I am of course also available for advice and suggestions.

Greg Krapf